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It’s amazing how many people come to Destin, Florida every year to see beautiful Destin and the surrounding areas. We’ve got the beaches, the great food, night life, culture, and that precious sunshine everyone craves. There’s simply an endless number of things to do right here, and we love that.

Destin, Florida Beach

Even still, a great many people use Destin as a jumping off point for heading abroad. We’re in a great location to catch a cruise ship or a plane to some exotic foreign destination. Of course, we hope you’ll stop in Destin first and let us treat you right for a while.

Stopping in Destin On Your Way Abroad?

But it’s no secret. We get so many international travelers coming through and they all are looking for advice on where to go, what to do, and how to prepare for a trip to another country. This got us thinking. What should you even bring on a trip abroad?

There’s a few obvious items of course. Your passport, some foreign currency, a visa, maybe even a waterproof bag. But a passport? Duh. Could there be anything else more important? Not likely.

For one thing, you probably won’t even get in to said foreign country without one (and that’s assuming you have a visa, too). So why not start there with things to take with you? You’re going to need a passport protector. There’s no doubt about it. It’ll keep you organized and make sure your most precious travel doc stays dry, organized, and yes.. protected.

We’ve heard all the horror stories about things getting lost whether it be here in Destin or off foreign island somewhere. Not a week doesn’t go by that guesthouse owners and landlords will receive calls from Americans overseas asking if they left their passports, plane tickets, or favoring pair of swimming trunks behind in their room. For whatever reason, we travelers don’t take nearly as good of care of our passports and plane tickets as we do our cash and credit cards. The former tends to get stuffed into a duffle bag pocket or worse… crammed into the front pocket of a pair of jeans.

Hey, if you have one, you might not have to make a long distance call to Florida asking us to look for the passport you left behind. Destin is a fashion-forward place, and all our visitors coming through seem to have great fashion just like the locals. If a lady is worried about not being able to find something to stay organized that also looks stylish at the same time, fret not. There’s also a passport holder for women option. Actually… a bunch!

Travel Surprises Are in Store When You Head to Florida

And look, even if you don’t have travel plans to wander out of the country, you’ll never know until you get here. Sometimes things just happen and you can’t resist jetting off or boating off to your next destination. If you’re the rugged guy type, there’s even a leather passport holder section that’s great too. So, what are you waiting for?

There’s so much other gear you should be bringing along as a traveler. In Destin, you’ll probably want some sunscreen and flip flops given our weather. But colder climates aren’t far from the sandy beaches of florida if you’d like to explore Iceland, Greenland, or even Canada. Pack for the weather you’ll be experiencing and you’ll survive alright.