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Getting Fit With a Family

One of the things I hate the most about big gyms is that they usually lack a support group you truly need if you’re going to have long-term success. Getting in shape isn’t just about lifting enough weight, climbing enough stairs, or running enough miles… It’s about camaraderie.

Everyone accomplishes things faster and better when they have a reliable and energetic support team behind them, cheering them on every step of the way. Why can’t we have this with gyms? I for one wish we as a society would demand more of our fitness warehouses. I want my gym to double as my church. A place where I can go and be nourished by the love and positive energy of my fellow humans!

Yoga Stretching Exercise

A gym that believes in me and my goals

Okay I know it sounds a little idealistic, but it actually exists! There’s a way to work out with friends and associates who want what you want. You set goals together, push each other together, and fuel each other’s fitness milestones. It’s not always easy to get motivated to go move your body, lift heavy objects, and physically push yourself beyond your limits.

Having a friend when you’re working out is equally as important as a study partner. You can give each other tips, provide motivating words, and just show each other what’s possible! There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

There’s no reason to short yourself when it comes to your personal health and well being. You take all the right supplements, you eat healthy, and try to keep a positive mindset, right? But what good is all that if you don’t have partners with you to do the same?

Lucky for us, there’s actually places where you can do that. Look at them, they’re having fun, listening to great music, and cheering each other on! Now that’s an atmosphere I want to be part of.

So demand more of your gym, and find one just like this. You’ll be glad you did, and we’ll accept your thank you for the great life tip! So what’s your next fitness goal? You know you can achieve it, now it’s time to meet people who also know you can achieve it. Get BUSY!


We’re on a new trip this time and we’ve found ourselves in a lovely part of northeastern AZ. It’s a beautiful place, obviously, and we welcome anyone looking who has an interest in seeing the Valley of the Sun. First on the list for our visit: Prescott…

You may not believe it, but Prescott was actually going to be the capital of Arizona once upon a time. In 1864 it was the capital of the AZ territory (not yet an official state in the Union), but all that changed when the territory became a state in 1912! In fact, the original governor’s mansion, such as it is, is still there and you are able to visit! Too cool! Don’t forget to check it out.

old mansion

But enough of that, we came out to explore the great outdoors! We want to see all that nature has to offer out here in this pine tree filled paradise, and there’s plenty to see!

With so many options to choose from, it’s a difficult to choice to know where to go next. There’s Thumb Butte and Granite Mountain, or you can go take a dip at Watson and Willow lakes. Decisions, decisions… and no one willing to take charge and make one!

If you’ve got the energy, you can also hike the super duper cool Bradshaw Mountains, which contain an interesting combination of desert and forest fauna depending on your elevation and location in the mountain range! Cool!

Seeing the forest for the trees in Prescott

There really is so much to see and so little time, but it truly is a wonderful place if you enjoy friendly people, great hiking, and maybe even a little birdwatching if you’ve got a lot of patience and some good binoculars. You might even see the American Kestrel or the American Robin if you search hard and long enough.

We decided we’d hike the Bradshaws. We brought plenty of water of course, even though the temperature had cooled down. It was a wonderful experience to see those beautiful sights and even the occasional animal wandering through the trees. Listen carefully to the sounds of forest, too. The amazing combination of birds chirping and wind whistling through the trees is hard to beat for any kind of nature enthusiast.

Finding our way back on the road!

When we finished our lengthy exploration into the forested mountains, we packed up our tents and supplies and headed back into town to see what we could find to eat. And much to our surprise, we found a pretty diverse array of great restaurants to choose from. We stopped at a local pizza restaurant and enjoyed a HUGE dinner before heading on our way to the next great adventure.

We didn’t get a chance to stop by the mall or any local shops, but we’d recommend doing that too if you have the time. Don’t be shy, everyone is friendly here.

For anyone wondering if it’s worth a visit, we believe it is! Get out there and explore all there is and take more photos than we did. Be sure  to pack plenty of water on any outdoor excursions and mind the trails you never get yourselves lost. Happy travels!

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Things to Do In Destin

So what are you waiting for anyway? If you haven’t found your way out to Destin, Florida yet, it’s time to get moving! There’s beautiful beaches, amazing fresh seafood, and great shopping destinations.

Close your eyes for moment and imagine yourself lying on the warm sands of a Florida beach, watching sailboats drift by and hearing the soothing crash and swish of the ocean waves. You’ve got an ice cold cocktail to cool you down and relax your nerves, perhaps your significant other by your side. Can things get any better than this? Not really, and that’s what vacations are all about. So without further ado, here’s a few of our favorite things to do in Destin!

Henderson Beach State Park

The beautiful white sands here will make you think you’re in paradise, and in many ways, you are. Henderson Beach State Park features 60 campsites on protected coast. The wildlife here are abundant and fun to watch and the sand dunes combining with the clear light blue water are the stuff dreams are made of!

Destin Harbor

Who doesn’t love looking at boats? You won’t believe some of the gorgeous boats floating in Destin Harbor and you can spend hours just walking around looking at these beautiful works of art. Some are for fishing, some are for sport, and some are just for casual roaming around the seas. There are rentals available should you decide to head out on the water for some deep sea fishing or just some good old fashioned sightseeing. Destin Harbor is one boardwalk you won’t want to miss.

Baytowne Wharf Village

There’s just so much to do and see in Baytown Wharf that it might take you a couple of days to really get a full experience. Musical performances, great eateries, and an endless amount of rich culture will keep you happy and entertained from dawn till dusk. Don’t mis this amazing destination on your next trip.



It’s amazing how many people come to Destin, Florida every year to see beautiful Destin and the surrounding areas. We’ve got the beaches, the great food, night life, culture, and that precious sunshine everyone craves. There’s simply an endless number of things to do right here, and we love that.

Destin, Florida Beach

Even still, a great many people use Destin as a jumping off point for heading abroad. We’re in a great location to catch a cruise ship or a plane to some exotic foreign destination. Of course, we hope you’ll stop in Destin first and let us treat you right for a while.

Stopping in Destin On Your Way Abroad?

But it’s no secret. We get so many international travelers coming through and they all are looking for advice on where to go, what to do, and how to prepare for a trip to another country. This got us thinking. What should you even bring on a trip abroad?

There’s a few obvious items of course. Your passport, some foreign currency, a visa, maybe even a waterproof bag. But a passport? Duh. Could there be anything else more important? Not likely.

For one thing, you probably won’t even get in to said foreign country without one (and that’s assuming you have a visa, too). So why not start there with things to take with you? You’re going to need a passport protector. There’s no doubt about it. It’ll keep you organized and make sure your most precious travel doc stays dry, organized, and yes.. protected.

We’ve heard all the horror stories about things getting lost whether it be here in Destin or off foreign island somewhere. Not a week doesn’t go by that guesthouse owners and landlords will receive calls from Americans overseas asking if they left their passports, plane tickets, or favoring pair of swimming trunks behind in their room. For whatever reason, we travelers don’t take nearly as good of care of our passports and plane tickets as we do our cash and credit cards. The former tends to get stuffed into a duffle bag pocket or worse… crammed into the front pocket of a pair of jeans.

Hey, if you have one, you might not have to make a long distance call to Florida asking us to look for the passport you left behind. Destin is a fashion-forward place, and all our visitors coming through seem to have great fashion just like the locals. If a lady is worried about not being able to find something to stay organized that also looks stylish at the same time, fret not. There’s also a passport holder for women option. Actually… a bunch!

Travel Surprises Are in Store When You Head to Florida

And look, even if you don’t have travel plans to wander out of the country, you’ll never know until you get here. Sometimes things just happen and you can’t resist jetting off or boating off to your next destination. If you’re the rugged guy type, there’s even a leather passport holder section that’s great too. So, what are you waiting for?

There’s so much other gear you should be bringing along as a traveler. In Destin, you’ll probably want some sunscreen and flip flops given our weather. But colder climates aren’t far from the sandy beaches of florida if you’d like to explore Iceland, Greenland, or even Canada. Pack for the weather you’ll be experiencing and you’ll survive alright.